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Hi, I'm selling my EUW LoL account because I got bored with the game. Please contact me via email for any questions or to buy the account (we can also chat on WhatsApp or any other app). I speak both English and Italian and will deal with the utmost seriousness.

Concerning the account, I own almost 90% of all the champions and 47 skins, plus five chromas (e.g. DJ Sona, every Blitzcrank skin except for Riot, Phantom Khartus, Pentakill Morde, Championiship Thresh, Golden Vel'Koz etc). I also have six runes pages, 6000 IP, 1103 OE and 431 RP. Last but not least, the account is clean behavior-wise: I never got a restricted chat or a ban.
Here's the screenshots: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2rc8o7n54/

For all this, I'm only asking 60€.
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