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$ 100.00
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With any questions or purchase requests please email me directly @ [email protected]
I have 7 accounts for sale, most have win rates of 70-80%, on top of great MMR they come with a few skins and BE, for specific details email me directly.
Account 1:D1 50lp( peak master 114), 65+% winrate, 26champs, 5skins (also new kha chromas), 5650 BE, only 250$
Account 2:D4 84% winrate, 22 champions, 4340 BE, 3skins, only 180$
Account 3:D4, similar to account above, a bit more skins, lower mmr, 160$
Account 4-7: silver 3 to plat 5, some are gold. Around 25-35 champions and 5-10 skins. Good mmr's , price 60-120$
D1 and D4 84% winrate account can be recovered if lost, other's not. Email directly prices are cheap alrdy
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