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ACC with 1 ultimate skin (Elementalist Lux), 5 legendary skins (Zombie Brand,Dunkmaster Darius,Star Guardian inx and witho two more legendary skins to unlock with orange essence.These skins are Project YI and Firefigther Tristana). I have 17 epic skins (Poolpart MF,Poolparty Caitlyn,Death Sworn Zed,SKT T1 Ekko,Omega Squad Twtich,Beemo,Mecha Malphite,Heartseeker Lucian,Dark Star Khazix,Mecha Khazix,Super Galaxy Shyvana,Super Galaxy Fizz,Cowen Camile,Cosmic Dawn Rakan,KDA Evelyn and KDA KaiSA)
Other 17 skins are legacy like Dragon Fist Lee,Dragonblade Talon,Frankentibbers Annie,Rugged Garen etc.
Im havin around 150 unlocked Champs and I ended in Silver 3 Dvision last season.
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