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I'm selling my League of legends account with the following:

141 Champions (currently all champs)
863 skins (reroll skin shards for new skins as they get released)
227 Chromas
107 Emotes
523 Icons
102 Wards
13 Rune Pages
46 skin shards

Perfect for someone who wants all skins (except super rare skins from beta) as well as a good amount of other collectible things.

I am ranked silver 5, never really try to climb ranked. Just enjoy the gameplay. Been playing for around 5 years but due to life commitments I have to say goodbye to League.

You can currently reroll skin shards to get newly released skins, ward skins etc. Also been told I have a good name IG: StarGuardianLulu

Contact me if your interested [email protected]
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