$ 290.00
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All Champions, 140 that is, including 9 at Mastery Seven and 9 at Mastery Six
200 Skins including 1 ultimate 9 legendary 29 Epic and 74 Legacy.

Awesome summoner name, which would probably save you a name change card, comes with a club that matches the summoner name to put all your friends in it.

88 champion shards to help you get more Mastery Seven Champion easier, or combined into every single new champions that come out in the future

230 Riots Point to.. buy things

81 summoner icons including one S4 Master Tier icon and two that perfectly matches the awesome summoner name (Yup)

Platinum boarder

Full 20 Runes Pages with 86k IP at your disposal

11 Ward Skins including the rare Rune Enthusiast Ward in case you car
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