$ 500.00
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I am selling my account (I'm the original owner). Account was made at the begining of season 4.
I have wasted so much time on this game, so I decided to sell this account.
The account was hand-leveled, no cheats used or banned.

SoloQ: Diamond 4 (s4: gold, s5: plat, s6: diamond, s7: diamond)
Flex 5v5: Diamond 5 (s7: plat)
Flex 3v3: Gold 3 (s4: silver, s5: gold, s6: gold, s7: plat)

Account level: 80+
RP: 80+
BE: 40.000+ (37 champion capsules and many champion shards)
Gem stones: 7
Honor level: 3
Rune Pages: 21
Champions: All owned
Skins: 269 (1ultimate (lux), 1mythic(vayne), 16legendary, 39epic, 89legacy)
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