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Account main ADC level 55 with 400k points with Vayne and other 400k with Jinx, with all the champs, Silver IV 25 LP (I can upload more if you wish), honor 2 and 358 of total mastery. all the skins of Vayne, all the skins of Jinx, all the skins of Kalista, all the skins of Tristana except guerrilla, all the skins of Draven except Christmas, and many more ... 291 skins in total (2 final aspects, 1 mythic (Soulstealer Vayne), 14 legendary, 47 epic, 94 legacy and 12 chromas). 97940 blue essences, 114 RP, 13 runes pages and 12 emticons. 1 mastery symbol 6 with Shaco, Thresh and Twitch, 1 mastery symbol 7 with Lucian and Yasuo, 3 keys and 318 orange essences.
PS: I can delete all friends.
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