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Selling my long time LOL account as I find myself not having time to play the game anymore 🙁 I guess the main selling point for this account is the huge amount of Blue Essence (IP) it has due to me just hording it.

About the account:

LVL 30
204k Blue Essence
40 Champions -
Champion LVLS -
19 Champion Skins -
FLEX 5V5 - Silver V
SOLO/DUO - Bronze V
3 Ward Skins
91 Account Icons
03 Rune pages.
2 ARAM Rerolls

I have played on this account as my main since Season 2 and have mained support and adc on it.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me as i'm not sure I covered everything as a lot of new updates and things have happened since I played it
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