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Hello guys. I know I am new here,but I need some spare money for my college and the time has come to sell my beloved LOL accoun(Cries in the corner ALOT) I am offering you guys an EUNE Diamond 5 acc(In the past 3 seasons it stayed in the range plat IV to Plat I), that has all 139 champions unlocked , 6 runepages, 50k blue essence and over 120 icons. It also has 4 or 5 ward skins (Including the awesome Urf ward skin,we all know you want that ward skin).The skin list is full of rare skins and new cool looking ones(Rito, shut up and take my money). At the moment the skin list stands like this: Moo Cow Alistar Sweeper Alistar Unchained Alistar Emumu Prehistoric Anivia Queen Ashe Zombie Brand Braum Lionheart Siren Cassiopeia Lord Darius Infernal
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