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: $ 140.00
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Hi i want to sell my LoL account, because nowdays i play another game.NO TRADE
Account info:
-diamond frame(s6: diamond V)
-s7: solo/duoq plat II(if want to buy the accoutn but u need diamond V soloq i can rush it), flex: diamond IV
-86champs, 5 rune page,19RP,4649IP
-250blue essence,570orange essence
-43 Skins:
-Legacy 520RP : 3
-Legacy 975RP : 8
-Legacy 1350RP : 2
-520-750RP : 6
-975RP : 3
-1350RP : 9
-Free :6 (trist,garen,alistar skin,seasoon reward(2),riot kayle)
-The Magnificent Twisted Fate
-Fnatic Corki
-Project YI
-Nunu Bot
-Grey Warwick
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